Profanity Delay software for Windows PCs


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Arse! - The profanity delay for Windows PCs

Arse! is a revolutionary new profanity delay system. The software runs on a standard PC with a sound card, and offers amazingly clever new ways of working, is easy to use and has a large, clear status display. What's more, with up to 30 seconds of delay available, you couldn't be in safer hands!

Conventional profanity delays just can't compete with Arse! It's like someone just handed you the tools to 'edit' your live programme. The Arse! profanity/obscenity delay can be a license saver!

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Other reasons why you will love Arse!...

  • Simple, clear status display and buttons so you know exactly what's going on all of the time.
  • Mouse controls or Keyboard hotkeys that can be assigned to any function for quick and easy access.
  • User selectable delay between 2 and 30 seconds.
  • Flexible - build delay instantly by playing a jingle or promo directly from within the software, or by using one of two special algorithms to create the delay seamlessly over a period of a few minutes.
  • Drop or Wipe delays - edit your live programme! and start rebuilding the delay immediately.
  • Arse! uses a standard Windows PC with a standard sound card.
  • It's cheaper and better then a conventional profanity delay!

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Obscenity delay for live radio phone ins and talk shows - Arse! Profanity delay software for Windows PCs