Profanity Delay software for Windows PCs


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Ordering Arse! the profanity delay online

Our secure online order processing system allows you to purchase Arse! the profanity delay online using a credit or debit card.

Arse! the profanity delay uses a small hardware key (the "dongle") for the licensing mechanism. The dongle is a small and compact unit which will NOT interfere with the normal operation of your PC.

You can choose from two versions: a USB or parallel port dongle. They are equal in function - you can choose the one that suits your system best. The dongle is normally shipped on the same day as your order.

Our ordering systems operate on a secure server and all card data is encrypted before transmission. Before you proceed to the secure order page, please read the following information on software orders from us.
Remember that we make all charges in UK Pounds sterling and $ USD and € Euro prices are shown on this site are for your convenience only. Exchange rates vary daily (though normally only by a few percent) and you should check current rates before ordering.

Orders from within the UK and European Union are subject to UK VAT at 20% which will be added to the final total of UK/EU orders.

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